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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  July 17, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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she's a free woman casey anthony released from a florida jail with armed guards by her side. to orlando. no end in side to the debt ceiling debate. parties not giving up any ground. >> nfl lock out could soon be over what does this mean to the skins? dave ross gets answers in his sunday sports sit down. welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday i am sarah simmons melanie is off today. the release of casey anthony the florida mom acquitted of killing her daughter caylee is a free woman after spending nearly three years in jail.
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anthony was released 12:11 a.m. this morning with her attorney jose baez at her side she was given a little over $537 in cash from her jail account and escorted outside by two sheriff's deputies armed with semi automatic rifles, now neither anthony or her attorney said anything to the swarm of reporters and protestors gathered outside many screamed as she left and a somber looking anthony said thank you to a jailer in the few seconds it took to get her to an suv she got in and took off only three reporters were allowed in during the release. they described what they witnessed. >> as a camera man you see a sign of relief obviously she is not -- she has a release a smile not a very bright smile but a sign of glad to be out of there. >> probably less dramatic than
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you would expect 10 to 12 seconds from the moment she went through the blue door of the release facility until she was out. >> she looks down she looked up, looks down one more time as she is passing me she is -- her eyes are looking forward, looking down, and then as she is walking out the srt is following her i believe it was an ak-45 and then she exits and she just went off into the darkness. >> news helicopters briefly tracked the suv into a parking garage at a downtown orlando office building but never reemerged a short time later there was police activity as two police vehicles pulled top a twin engine private jet that plane took off around 1:00 a.m. for ohio the home state of anthony's parents. her attorney has since released a statement saying
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quote it is my hope casey anthony can receive the counseling and treatment she needs to move forward with the rest of her life. >> >> casey anthony is still facing legal trouble she is being sued by the woman whose name she reported to police as her daughters kidnapper and a south carolina prison inmate wants a dna test to see if he is caylee's father to sue for wrongful death. an update on the release of casey an though in in 5 minutes. changes to lock up. a man wanted for murder managed to walk right out of court friday he is behind bars after a massive search. >> all right apparently we are having technical issues. >> reporter: after just 24 hours on the run, james brewer accompanied by his lawer turned
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himself in to u.s. marshalls you may be surprised to learn no one is more relieved the father of four is back in custody than his mother. >> in my heart i honestly believe he was going to turn himself in i kept saying over and over even though i didn't talk to him, he going to turn himself in he got kids out here he loves them. >> reporter: the 24-year-old suspect simply walked out of dc superior court friday even though he had been arrested and charged with first degree murder. he some how exchanged id bracelets with another prisoner in the courthouse cell block that other prisoner was only charged with a misdemeanour. using a falsie didn'tty he escaped. we asked a former prosecutor now defense attorney to weigh in. he says on any given day the lock up houses as many as 100 people charged with all kinds of crimes each is given a
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temporary bracelet with name and lock up id number similar to a hospital id bracelet. >> extremely unusual and coupled with the fact that the marshall services are so professional down there. >> brewer is one of four men spotted entering and leaving this apartment building good hope road seethe, june 27th -- south june 27th, a 41-year-old veteran was murdered he had been robbed before that night he was shot multiple times a witness identified brewer as the trigger man. >> hope hi we get to the bottom of -- hopefully we get to the bottom of -- i am hoping he had nothing to do with it. i am also sorry for the man that paid -- his family. i am praying for his family.
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so, um, right now all i can do is pray for my son. >> he now has a new court date set for monday where he will face charges related to his escape on top of that first degree murder charge. thank you. time is ticking on the deadline to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. they have until august 2nd or america will default on its debt. president obama is appealing to the public in hopes of influencing an agreement the gop is still not budges on any tax agreements. >> reporter: president obama says he is willing to quote compromise in the debt negotiations republicans don't see much give in his proposals in his weekly radio and internet address he argued he is willing to include cuts or quote reforms to social security, medicare as part of
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the debt negotiations which doesn't quote make folks in my party too happy so he says the republicans should agree to certain tax hikes he is appealing to americans to back his plan of shared sacrifice. >> we are all part of the same company we are in this together. i have put things on the table that are important to me and democrats and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> the reason the u.s. has such a debt problem republicans say is not because americans are not paying enough in taxes but because washington spends too much. >> it only got worse after the obama administration in its first two years in august, discretionary spending skyrocketed by 84% including the failed stimulus, with spending reaching 25% of our nations economic out put we have the same spending levels since world war ii. john boehner told the president he does not have the
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votes to pass a debt reduction package including tax hikes. house republicans insist any increase in the debt ceiling is equal or matched with more spending cuts. president obama is catching some heat over his meet being the dalai lama this weekend he held a 45 minute private session at the white house. the chinese foreign ministry condemned the visit calling it an act grocery interfered in china's internal -- grossly interfered in china's internal affair. the dalai lama is in dc for an 11 debut history july. a northern california man is behind bars on suspicion of making death threats against barbara boxer. san raphael police say calls were traced to kevin oh con knell he was arrested and being held on $500,000 bail he is scheduled to be arraigned
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tuesday. all right taking a live lookout side a little on the warm side this weekend but overall very nice out there. mercury already on the rise today, so let's see what we have in store today. gwen is tracking things from down in the weather center good morning. >> good morning sarah. you are right we are off to a very warm start we didn't do bad over the course of yesterday either, a very nice day no shortage of sunshine our maps show you what is happening, sat late radar composites showing you clouds to the southwest other than that not too much going on a pretty bright day yesterday's highs were close to where they should be, 86 national airports, same at dulles, 87 degrees baltimore, 74 degrees national, 69 dulles, 72 at baltimore a fairly warm day as temperatures are on the rise sunny and warm, expect to see
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by midday around 85 degrees, 87 by the time we get to 5:00 p.m. hour and our highs today around 89. now as we take a look ahead, expect to see those temperatures really rise brace yourselves, we are in for a heat wave i will have details later tell you what to expect and when and in between a bit of unsettled weather as well get out and enjoy today, really exceptional back to you. thank you they are now in the middle of so called carpal goad done in los angeles did a traffic nightmare materialize or not, find outcoming up we will be right back can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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come back casey anthony is a free woman she was released from a florida jail overnight. live in the jail with the latest good morning casey describe the situation down there this morning as casey
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anthony left. >> reporter: good morning to you. pretty chaotic outside the jail even this morning as a church group, a radical christian group is holding a protest on a mega phone on the sidewalk in front to have jail in front of all the members of the media, where casey anthony is at this hour is the big question a lot of people want the the answer to but we do not know her lawyers were successful throwing members of the media off in the overnight hours. but take a look at the video, a pool of photographers shooting every aspect of her departure last night 14 after midnight, walking right out the front door, wearing a pink polo shirt her hair in a bun primary defense attorney jose baez right by her side they then got into a motorcade with two suvs and a white follow car left this location and went to a parking structure bank of
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america building not far from here downtown orlando that is where the bait and switch happened those suvs did not reemerge different cars did we do not know which one casey anthony was in the news helicopters were flying overhead trying to track where she was headed next they lost her around that time we can tell you that there was police activity at the orlando executive airport across town a private airport that accommodates private jets a plane was fueled up engines running on the runway but no one physically saw casey anthony boarding that aircraft, officials telling us the plane was designed to carry golfers on vacation down here, back to ohio but we have not been able to iron that story out. as far as the protestors go, we mention the scene this morning, but, boy, it was a mess last night about 300 protestors out in front of the jail, they were
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holding hand made signs shouting things like baby killer at casey anthony when she walked out that front door they were shouting things at that motorcade you had police on horseback at one point producers on the scene say the crowd rushed the temporary orange barricades that were set up out front no reports of violence no reports of any arrests and of course there have been a lot of rumors in terms of now where casey anthony is headed we have heard things like puerto rico, we have heard new heard she could head to stay with an aunt in texas but right now mum is the word all for her safety as you know a lot of people in the country have a very strong opinion and they thought she was getting off the hook when she walked out of that front door last night. >> right, reporting live in orlando thank you so much this
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morning. making headlines, secretary of state hillary clinton is in greece in a show of support for the country. she is meeting to talk about greece's current economic crisis right now the european union is working on a new bailout package to help greece avoid an economic default. >> venezuelaen president back in cuba for cancer treatment after a heated debate lawmakers approved his request to under go chemo therapy in havana. they say he shouldn't be in charge while in cuba he has delegated some duties to his vice president and finance minister but not fully relinquishing power. >> it appears californians headed the bloomy warnings, carmageddon done is under way in l.a. drivers are not out of the woods yet though. arthel neville has a closer look. >> reporter: so called carmageddon done is not hitting southern california to the level some feared authorities
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shut down a 10-mile stretch of one of the nations busiest freeways removing a 50-year-old bridge as part of a $1 billion widening project. >> media has done an outstanding job getting word out to motorists traffic was extremely light last night we were able to finish some of the construction early. >> reporter: on a typical weekend a half million vehicles use this section of highway to get to major destinations. >> people complain about congestion on the 405, this is a specific billion dollar investment, in adding capacity to the 405. >> reporter: when the construction is completed people in a new car pool lane could save a minute a mile. >> when this 10-mile section of the 405 is completed we will have the largest car pool lane in the world, 50 miles. >> traffic in the area was moving smoothly in the morning officials warning the real test is likely to begin late afternoon. >> still listen to what we are
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saying and not go out and try to drive through it will be congested if people do that. >> this is being shut down for 53 hours expected to reopen monday in time for the morning commute. if the deadline is not met the contractor has to pay more than $70,000 an hour in penalties. in new york arthel neville, fox news. fox 5 is monitoring metro for you this morning a warning for people taking the orange line this weekend. construction on the dulles rail project cut off service between the east and west falls church stations shuttle buses will carry riders from one station to another add 30 minutes to your trip that work lasts through closing tonight. rue pert murdoch is again apologizing for the uk phone hacking scandal this time directly to the british people how he is saying sorry this time. >> millions of harry potter fans say goodbye to a fantasy
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favorite what the cast of the movies is saying about the end of an era. we will be right back 
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rupert murdoch is apologizing directly to the british people the news corporation ceo placed ads in seven national papers saying his company is sorry he shut down the 168-year-old paper news of the world after the scandal, some say news corp. should be worried about its image in america too. >> the entire british public is engaged what i think they are concerned about , what they ought to be is whether or not the american public gets engaged if that ever happens yeah, you should really start writing news corp.'s obituaries. >> news corp. by the way is the parent company of fox 5 news. some of 2 stories expected to make headlines in the -- of the stories expected to make
8:24 am
headlines in the week ahead a trial scheduled to begin in the islamic radical who confessed to killing an army soldier and wounding another at a little rock recruiting station two years ago. >> wednesday tea will host a presidential debate on twitter. fie day up state new york fund -- friday up state new york fund raiser to benefit gabriel giffords her husband mark kelly will attend she may be there as well. on friday the nations oldest latino civil rights organization will hold its annual conference the three day event will be key noted by actress eva longoria and feature a speech from president obama. in the buzz, american idol
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judge jennifer lopez split with mark anthony. a released statement saying we decided to end our marriage this is a difficult decision we have come to an amicable conclusion on all matterrespect our privacy at this difficult time they are parents to 3-year- old twins. a final farewell for harry potter fans last installment of the popular franchise hit theaters marking the end of an era. we caught up with the films young starfans. >> finish the way we started. >> as a decade of 8 harry potter films comes to an end millions of devoted fans worldwide will pay last respects this weekend at theatres for the deathly hallows part two the cast finished filming almost a year ago and they are still getting used to the idea of hanging up their wands. >> it has been such a huge part of my life kind of almost scary to try and to just you know,
8:26 am
acknowledge that there is going to be so much change but yeah, it is exciting too. >> very hard to kind of move away from this, kind of lost without it and i do -- i will miss it i do miss it now, but yeah, looking forward to moving on as well. >> harry potter. >> as for the man who played the boy wizard he is now singing and dancing on broadway but daniel radcliff says he won't be thinking about a music career after the show ends >> i don't thinkly ever do a album in a band or anything like that, but you know, if some body ever needs like an album of tom lairer covers i will be happy to be that man. >> though rupert grint will always have his memories he grabbed a souvenir from the set. >> i just took a few things it was really bad, not really technically you are supposed to
8:27 am
do it, they are searching cars on the way out on the last day but i did manage to take the number of harries house. >> in hollywood, anita vogel fox news. >>er racing the debt clock as the august 2nd debt line looms. fox news sunday is all over the budget battle we will get a preview from host chris wallace coming up. >> mercury on the rise, gwen is back with a look at the weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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or for other great fios offers, visit us online. get fios. a network ahead. >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue there may simply not be the money in the coughers to do it. the debt limit increase is his problem the president talk as good game but when it comes
8:31 am
time to actually putting these issues on the table making decisions it can't quite pull the trigger. >> i would advocate we pass legislation giving the president the authority to request about an increase in the debt ceiling that would take us past the end of his term. war boards and battles from both sides dipping in hair heels -- digging in their heels, chris wallace the host of the show joins us with a preview of the day's program good morning chris. >> good morning sarah. >> mitch mcconnell is preparing to give the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling could this backfire on me rubly cans. >> we will talk at the -- republicans. >> we will talk to the guy who may have the answer one of the members to have house
8:32 am
republicans, jim jordan head of the republican study committee three quarters of the most conservative members are part of the rsa. he speaks for the freshmen and we will ask about that if it comes down if they can't make a deal on the grand bargain can't make a deal on the small bargain and comes down to basically giving the president a clean department limit without spending cuts that will be a tough nut for the house freshman to follow we will ask jim jordan will they buy it. he will sit down with maryland's own chris van holland, top democrat house budget committee. the grand bargain everyone has been talking about that any details you are expecting to hear from them today as to what is in that plan. >> sorry say that one more time? >> the grand bargain any details do you expect to come out in today, talking with these gentlemen about what is in that plan? >> we basically know the grand
8:33 am
bargain is dead it is the idea that you have major spending cuts, including two entitlements but revenue increases assay not tax increases it would really close loopholes or take away subsidies and the idea is, maybe $3 spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases, but the republicans have rejected that they says the still a tax increase they will not go for it it would mean hundreds of billions if not trillions in revenue increases that idea has come and gone. >> all right we will continue to watch that, in the meantime you are going to talk with one of the gop presidential hopefuls, her main cane it is a crowded -- herman cane it is a crowded field what does he need to do to raise his profile. >> after the first debate on fox in south carolina in early may he was the it candidate a lot of people thought he won the debate he came off as a business man not a politician
8:34 am
in the last couple months, it seems that his star has been eclipsed by michelle bachmann particularly among voters they are both going after, social conservatives and tea partyers we will ask exactly that question how do you get your mow joe back and -- mo joe back and how do you do this. chris wallace, fox news sunday of course coming up after our show at 9:00 a.m. well, an end of an era fast approaching atlantis expected to leave the international space station and head back home to earth early tuesday morning they have been busy fixing hauling gear and got one after it abruptly stopped working they delivered tonnes of supplys to the space station. very sad to see. >> it is. really is. >> but it is not sad to look at our weather i will say that
8:35 am
because i have been pretty bummed when we have had all this heat now it is pretty nice over the weekend. >> you ready? >> great i knew it was going to come back. >> a heat wave on the way but today is a day sarah will absolutely love. no clouds to speak about except to our far southwest other than that a ridge of high pressure in control pretty bright day temperatures right now, 74 degrees national, 72 at fredericks burg, annapolis 75 degrees, baltimore 72, dulles 69 degrees. martins burg 69. we are getting a fairly warm start to the day, this has not quite updated we have a south wind not northeasterly we will get that out of the way today a high, 89 degrees, but you know what things will change and creep back into our picture heat and humidity is on the way as we move into the course of
8:36 am
the week. details a little later. >> all right it is july that is the reminder for us thank you gwen. >> saying thank you to a maryland marine how a community effort is giving this wounded war vet a piece of the american dream. we will be right back 
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>> seven families proud new homeowners, habitat for humanity held the ' surrey city phase, phase one dedication this weekend the organization helps low income families get into affordable homes these are not free participants have to show a demonstrated need have a good job and good credit they must also give 300 hours of time volunteering with habitat. a maryland marine wounded on the front lines in iraq is getting the keys to a new way of life a nonprofit with help of neighbors and local businesses gave him a new home. paula fell shows how this was
8:40 am
truly a community effort. >> reporter: in the rolling hills of frederick maryland, down this long gravel road,. >> this is really just been such a humbling experience. >> reporter: marine sergeant adam and his family received a special gift >> i would just like to thank all the volunteers that made it possible i hope this is the beginning of a life long friendship. >> reporter: in 2005 he lost his left arm and right leg in iraq but today his country and community are giving him something back. [ applause ] >> reporter: the key to a brand new home. >> wow. nice. >> i am at a loss for words, all these people that are out here that care about me and my family you know, i never in a million years would have known or guessed so many people cared, like i said i didn't do anything special overseas i just did my job but to see all
8:41 am
these people out here who certainly don't know me or owe me anything, it really mean as lot to me. >> reporter: the organization, homes for our troops was behind the build. >> we build especially adapted homes for the most severely wounded veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. [ applause ] >> because we have been doing this across the country, we have a huge base of support. >> when homes for our troops built the house they made it for all adams needs including wide open spaces lower counter tops and doors that open automatically. >> local businesses and volunteers were involved >> chef we must have had hundreds of thousands of dollars donated in terms of labor, material. can't explain how moving it was. >> you know what they say in the real estate business, location location. this was perfect for adam, with the surrounding open road. >> my injuries have really caused me to realize that every
8:42 am
day could be my last and i do everything i can to live my life to the fullest and ride motorcycles is one of those things i have picked up after i got wounded. >> adams motorcycle club made up of all military and law enforcement came to support their friend and club president looking forward the seeing him again on the next ride. in frederick, paula fell, fox 5 news. coming up, red skins fans you will want to stick around. dave ross is talking post lock out scenarios and skins hot topics with who guys that know the team best plus highlights in the nationals and british open and we are talking a heat wave. >> we are not today a very very warm day today sarah but pretty comfortable, thinks will change as we take a look at the forecast ahead all those details and a nice lookout side
8:43 am
sunshine today. back after the break ú÷
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casey anthony released from a florida jail just after midnight with her attorney jose baez at her side she was given a little over $537 from her jail account then escorted outside with two sheriff's deputies armed with two semi rifles, she left in an suv and there is speculation she may have caught a plane that is not confirmed so far no official word on where she went. all right. 8:46 a.m. let's check with gwen enjoy today while it lasts. >> definitely already getting fairly warm out there this morning starting off, on the high side temperature wise a comfortable day hopefully you will get a chance to bet out and do outdoor activity -- get out and do outdoor activities
8:47 am
other than that, we are being effected with a ridge of high pressure, off the coast, that chance is giving us beautiful blue skies what a wonderful shot that is. let's begin with our headlines we start off with another sunny day in our forecast, so, once again, no shortage of sunshine except to the southwest, temperatures on the rise, a little unsettled weather as well in our forecast that you will see in a couple days ahead we are talking about a major heat wave i want you to be prepared for that and give you good heat safety tips to look at here is a look at our highs yesterday, 86 degrees national same at dulles, 87 baltimore, temperature one or two degrees off the average mark for the day. warm start 74 dc, 72 baltimore, 73 fredericks burg, 69 dulles, so temperatures are already starting to heat up speaking of heating up the deep south has been going through a big big heat wave parts of texas,
8:48 am
oklahoma, devastating heat, triple digit highs for a number of days and you are not getting much of a break with all that heat and all of that is going to start to slide its way along the southern edge of the gulf and move its way up the atlantic sea board and we will be privy to all the heat and humidity they have been dealing with. once we get into the later part of next week things will change not much happening here cloud wise except here to the southwest seeing a few low level clouds because of the amount of moisture now starting to seep its way through into the south. that is what we are seeing our changes we are talking hazy, hot, humid as we move into next week the latter part of the week that is where we will see major changes this applied pressure is opening up the door for heat and humidity to slide up this will be a little bit of a weather maker for us it will weaken as it moves south into the monday, tuesday period we will see development of a trough close to the mason dixon
8:49 am
line by monday seeing a chance of storm that is will develop south as we move into the later part of monday and then tuesday with the front heading its way across the area a chance of storms popping up, but we will watch that closely for you. in the meantime a look at what we are talking about today, sunny and warm, temperatures 85 degrees by about midday for us, tonight is going to be fairly comfortable for you if you plan on heading to the beaches what a great way to cool off temperature into the 80s water temperature 70 degrees not all bad and we are talking plenty of sunshine across our beach areas as well. you will have a great day heading off to the beaches. tonight fairly nice today will be 89 degrees, warm and pleasant then tonight our overnight low 71 degrees and we are talking hazy, hot, humid as we move through the later part of next week 99 degrees, 100 degrees plus by the time we hit friday so make sure you drink plenty of water stay hydrated
8:50 am
protect yourself loose clothing, light colored, sun tan lotion so you protect yourself with good spf check on neighbors don't leave pets outside unless you give them plenty of water and shade, never ever leave pets or children in a car for any length of time. five day forecast, thunder shower activity monday, tuesday late into the course of the day heating up, 99. >> my gosh. >> going to be hot. all right gwen thank you so much. >> let's talk sports, john and the nats looking to rebound against the braves. lannon helps his own cause, walking on two runs, wilson ramos would later add a 2 run homer they wrap up the series in atlanta this afternoon, os beat leavened, 6-a. to the -- 6-5. >> darren clark entered with a share to have the lead 4 under. this birdie on hole 12 would
8:51 am
give clark the out right lead he would finish saturday, leading by a stroke. both tee offs, 9:10 a.m. eastern time. story not many people saw coming u.s. women's world cup team one win from winning the tournament they face japan in finals today 2:00 p.m. american ladies are coming off their win in semis against france. lauren cheney, abbey times her jump perfectly giving the u.s. a lead they add another to beat france 3-1. nfl lock out could be over in a matter of days that means major moving and shaking done with draft picks to free agent what is potentially on the radar for the red skins, dave ross talked with chris russell of espn 980 and grant. >> hopefully next week was this
8:52 am
necessary, i am hearing this agreement will be a 10 year agreement, good news for football fans i mean, was this pop began da or does it have to happen? >> it was necessary the owners will ultimately save money and keep more for themselves they are not keeping it all for themselves there is a lot of operational expenses year round that go into running a professional football team people forget about this was necessary how much they will get back that still has to be determined. >> no worries, nut something going to fall through the cracks now -- nothing is going to fall through the cracks now we see the finish line. >> all that mattered all along no football will be missed. people can say they got it done in time the product may still suffer you have missed ota you have missed minicamps free agency which normally takes a couple months will take a couple weeks, veterans will join clubs in the middle of a camp hinterring teams ability to get going early september be
8:53 am
memory. that was the big question all along. we don't have to talk lock out any more we can get down to the brass tax what will happen when the lock out does end so let's get right to it who will be the starting quarterback gentlemen on week one when they take on the new york giants september 11th. >> i have a sneaking suspicion, rex gross man if he gets resigned for the first time this week i heard someone out at the park whisper hey, it is not such a guaranteed deal watch out. >> i think if rex is here, rex will win the job out of camp with a shortened work period here, because he has more game experience in the system he has been in the system oranger, more -- longer, more game experience but buy week, after week four i think john baek going into the buy or after the buy is the starting quarterback. >> initially the man they call big sexy is going with sexy rexy. >> grant paul son what say you >> i don't have that cool a
8:54 am
nickname i will go with john beck week one everything he had an opportunity to do he had whether it was playbooks and place rookies you can see him here on the practice field he was the guy who decided to hire a photographer to come film practices so he could go to players housethen watch film and analyze who did what right and who did what wrong he still has to prove for the first time in four seasons he can play high level national football league but all the things he had an opportunity to prove this off season off the field he had one thing you have to point out mike shanahan despises turn overs he wants a quarterback going to protect the football that is something rex has not been able to do national football league if you look at last year's final months extrap late his ratio of turn overs, that is a 37 turn over season. >> good math there. >> i appreciate that. >> no question rex has to turn down the tunnel overs by kyle
8:55 am
has significant -- turn overs but kyle has significant input. while tex is mike's guy rex is kyle's guy. neither gentleman here said mcnabb will be the quarterback. >> he will be around in camp for a couple weaks. >> rapid fire questions for the washington red skins number one position that needs to be addressed the most. >> corner back. >> upfront. >> beneather one said quarterback. biggest free agent acquisition >> by name, sidney rice. >> really? not homes. i will go franklin. i think it will fill their biggest lead. >> obviously you guy haves done your homework. biggest name not on this year's roster via free agency. >> santana moss. >> will no be back >> rogers will not play corner >> i agree with that too. >> they just don't feel like
8:56 am
paying the guy the money to come back. >> santana, lost the home run threat i think he will find a team and a contract with more to offer than the red skins. >> rogers will be looking for a bigger payday they will give the corner replace him. >> finally will red skins bring in a free agent quarterback. >> they will bring in a free agent quarterback whether it is young jackson or pat did he have lynn from delaware. >> third guy to help them out in training camp. all right dave thanks stick around details to have last day of a carnival in the district when we return. 
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
all right this is your last chance to check out the dc summer carnival, get some of your favorite foods, funnel cake, cotton candy, fried oreos, it opens today from noon until midnight. it is still going to be fun but a little warm for folks out there >> i think so too i am a wimp when it comes to rides. i will do the cotton candy. >> oh, yeah. >> very nice today but monday
9:00 am
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